Featured in MetalForming Magazine

Drive Automotive Industries of America, Inc. in Piedmont, South Carolina, a Cosma/Magna plant with over a million square feet of floor space, was recently profiled in MetalForming Magazine. Drive Automotive has been a Goessling customer for over 20 years. In fact, the focus of the article was about their new Goessling conveyor.

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Products for Fastener

Fastener Industry Discharge and interlinking conveyors for headers, threaders and nut cutting/tapping machines, roller sorters, deoiling centrifuges, wash centrifuges, box loaders in ghost-shifting, box servers and staple units.
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Products for Stamping

Stamping Industry Conveying Equipment for removal of stamping material from underneath stamping presses, ranging from light, medium and heavy duty conveyors to underground scrap distribution systems and trailer/scrap container filling systems.
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Products for Forging

Forging Industry Conveying Equipment for the transfer of hot forgings, with products ranging from conveyors with wire mesh belts, steel link belts, steel hinged belts, heavy-duty welded hinged plate and multi chain belts, to lifting and tipping units, high capacity step loaders, vibratory hopper feeders, and apron conveyors.
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Products for Iron & Steel

Cast Iron and Steel Industry Product Line Heavy-Duty Conveyors resistant to sand, dust, impact and heat. Applications include preparation and metering of foundry sand, discharge of moulding flasks, shake-out grids, knock-off apron plate conveyors, string-systems for cast-iron clusters, feeding of blast grinding.
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Products for Die Casting

Die Casting Industry Product Line Steel Belt Conveyors for hot die castings, slugs and scrap with tinsel. Applications include discharge conveyors for die casting units, feed-in units to serve deburring presses, discharge of slugs and tinsel, controlled lay-off systems for sensitive die castings.
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Additional Industries Served

Although not shown on our Home Page, Goessling USA supplies products to many other industries, such as packaging, food, automotive, industrial machinery, scrap recycling, just to name a few.


Please feel free to view any of our resources for any information you might need regarding Goessling or any of our products.   It is our desire to give you all of the information you need to make the right decision based upon the needs of your business.


See photos and videos of recently built products from Goessling USA.