About Us

Goessling USA, Inc. was founded in 1990 in Johnson City (East) Tennessee as a subsidiary of Dr.-Ing. Gössling GmbH in 46514 Schermbeck / Germany.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0011.JPG

Goessling is known worldwide as a manufacturer of conveying equipment, dumpers and tilters, handling equipment and special feeding systems. Centrifuges and industrial washers round off the product range. Since its introduction, Goessling USA, Inc. has been operating its own production line so that quality products could be brought into the North American market. The first steps were made in the stamping and fastener industries. Here, Goessling USA, Inc. established itself quickly and successfully on account of the high-quality design of its products. Trouble-free construction, quick after-sales service and careful attention to customer’s particular needs are the requirements of Goessling USA, Inc. production.

Due to its wide range of products, Goessling USA, Inc. today is a very welcome partner of American companies. The big groups of the fastener industry and the big manufacturers of stampings for the automotive industry count on our clientele in the Canadian and US markets. On account of the experience gained worldwide with the handling of red-hot products, Goessling USA, Inc. has evolved into one of the most important suppliers to the forging, steel hardening and casting industries.

The introduction of magnetic conveying systems of all kinds also caught the attention of customers from other industries to the products and services offered by Goessling USA, Inc.

Due to its principle of providing customers with conveying systems incorporating jam and trouble-free design, Goessling USA, Inc. is known as being one of the best manufacturers of trouble-free hinged steel belt conveyors in the world.

Along with the expansion of our delivery program into the field of lifting equipment and dumpers as well as industrial de-oilers and washers, vibratory conveyors of all kinds were also added to the Goessling product range.

To keep up with increasing production, a state-of-the-art CAD system featuring parametric modeling was introduced in the design and development department.

With the constantly increasing demands for conveyor and interlinking systems, Goessling USA, Inc. also broadened its horizons to include modern handling and automation technology with sorting, orienting and gripping capabilities. Also included are circular conveying systems with workpiece carriers, orienting feeders and step loaders. These are the most modern components of the product range of Goessling USA, Inc. today.

In 2015, Goessling USA moved to a new 15,000 square foot facility located in Piney Flats, TN. The new building includes a larger production area, with an overhead 5-ton crane to assist in the construction of heavy duty hinged steel belt conveyors built for the automotive stamping industry.

From East-Tennessee, Goessling USA, Inc. today serves the industry throughout the North American market as well as in Mexico and parts of South America.

A friendly and dynamic service team will always be at your disposal to give you any technical assistance you may require.