De-Oiling Centrifuge/Washer

Goessling de-oiling centrifuges/washers were developed for the cleaning of massed produced wire-formed parts. This is accomplished through smoothly accelerated starts with stop and go cycles, which aid the centrifugal process to produce a clean, de-oiled part. During the centrifugal cleaning of parts, the residual oil/lubricant is discharged via a tube located inside the centrifuge. This eliminates the handling of oil as a hazardous waste, not to mention the problems produced in the recycling of washing solutions from cleaning-washing-machines. We deliver De-Oiling Centrifuges in (4) different sizes (10 – 80 lbs. capacity) to handle the smallest of Electronic screws to the largest of bolts, nuts and other wire-headed parts.



De-Oiling Centrifuge






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