Heavy-Duty Hinged Belt Conveyor T-125

(Belt Pitch: 5”)

The Goessling T-125 Heavy-duty Hinged Belt Conveyor, is most commonly used for transporting large stampings from underneath automotive stamping presses which are discharging scrap above floor or under floor). The hinged belt segments are made of highly resistant cold rolled steel and are always one solid piece over the total effective width of the belt (available in widths up to 72”) , eliminating gaps for the material being transferred to potentially get stuck. They are constructed out of cold-rolled, high strength sheet steel, which can be solid or at the customer’s request, supplied with round, square or slotted perforations, which are ideal for washing, de-oiling or quenching applications. Another key design feature of our hinged belt conveyors is the use of “machined” side rails in the conveyor feeding section. These side rails cover the top of the hinged belt side-wings, minimizing gaps, which can normally allow conveyed material to get stuck and possibly jam the conveyor drive motor. The use of our “PS” side-wings further minimize these gaps to tenths of a millimeter.

Hinged Belt Conveyor Heavy Duty