Medium Duty Conveyors – Fastener Industry

Goessling medium-duty conveyors are frequently used in the stamping and fastener industry for transferring everything from scrap discharged from underneath presses to fasteners formed from cold headers, roll threaders, slotters, pointers, tappers, and nail machines. Configurations are available in horizontal, L-shape or Z-shape configurations. Steep inclines are available in the Z-shape configuration for restricted space requirements and to allow parts to be discharged into vibratory feeder bowls, thread rollers, packing machines, etc. Optional accessories available for these conveyors include but are not limited to: Inspection boxes, oilpans, oil-mist top covers, cleaning brushes and motor starters.


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Hinged Belt Conveyor T-50


Hinged Belt Conveyor Medium Duty   T-50_2


Hinged Belt Conveyor T-60


Hinged Belt Conveyor Medium Duty   T-63_2



Magnetic Slide Conveyor


Magnetic Conveyor