Magnetic Slide Conveyor – Stamping Industry

Goessling magnetic slide conveyors are not only used in automatic punching machines, punch presses and machining centers, but also for in-floor conveyance of scrap and chips over long distances to a central scrap/chip disposal center. Material transferred by these conveyors are steel parts only, such as punched or formed steel parts, scrap, pins, nails, chips, etc. A continuous system of permanent magnets attracts the steel parts (or scrap) to the stainless steel slide surface and moves them to the discharge end of the conveyor. All moving parts of the conveyor are lubricated for life and hermetically sealed within the conveyor frame. Thanks to a fully enclosed frame assembly, they are ideal for immersion in oil, emulsion baths and washing machine applications. By using different size magnets even large strips of metal can be conveyed without problems.


Magnetic Conveyor