Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

We provide our customers with:
Hinged steel belt conveyors and hinged plate conveyors for handling stampings, pressed and forged parts, for removing chips during machining operations, for die-cast components (zinc and aluminum), for transporting rounds (coins and extruded parts), for pellets, screws, rivets, and other fasteners, as weil as for scrap, waste, other mass parts, and for granular bulk material.

  • Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors with pressed and cold formed hinged steel elements (pitch: 1/2″,3/4″,11/2″,2″,21/2″,4″,5″, and 6″, 12.7, 19.05, 38.1, 50.8, 63, 100, 125, and 152.4 mm)
  • Hinged Plate Conveyors with heavy-duty welded hinged elements. (pitch: 2″,21/2″, 4″,5″,6″, and 8″, 50.8, 63, 100, 125, 160, and 200 mm)

Hinged Belt Conveyors

They have pressed hinged elements made of highly resistant cold rolled steel, their surface is smooth, i.e. the crimped hinges and the apron plates have a flat top.

The hinged elements are non-divided elements on the total effective width (even for the largest widths, maximum 138″ [3500 mm]. All belt types might be pimpled, if required, for preventing conveying materials to stick. The crimped hinges are made in a way that the smallest possible moving gaps are obtained (Iess than 0.01″ [0.3 mm]!). Therefore our hinged belts are particularly weil suited for transporting thin sheet metal parts (e.g. dynamo sheet scrap).

For washing, degreasing, and quenching systems we even provide perforated hinged belts made of stainless steel.

The driving chains on the sides with hardened rollers make it even possible to have an inclined conveying line through different levels in the frame.  Also moving side wings limit the conveying cross-section and flights allow steep conveying up to 85°. All driving and tension units hardly need any maintenance. Slip clutches or current measuring relays protect the power conduct of the gear motor.

Our Special Development

Milled steel cover rails of the loading field encompass the lateral chains and side wings as a labyrinth and seal them against the frame. That way the material to be conveyed will be highly protected against jamming and locking between the rotating belt and the rigid frame construction (ideal conditions for stamping scrap and steel chips).

Hinged Plate Conveyors

(welded hinged elements)

Completely welded hinges are used for these conveyors that are extremely weil suited for
transporting heavy, red-hot material (forgings and castings). Furthermore they are used in shredder and waste disposal facilities for heavy loading and impact stress.

The hinged plates, 0.3″ [8 mm] thick, are made of structural T-steel and have therefore a special reinforced transversal structure on the bottom side. They are welded with the gudgeons made of seamless drawn steel tube realizing a smooth surface (no possibility of “dirt clusters”).

We have all components of our hinged belt conveyors and hinged plate conveyors in stock. Standard hinged cross sections and driving elements allow short delivery times, even for different conveying lines.


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