Trailer / Scrap Container Filling Stations

Goessling GmbH and Goessling USA have been designing and building complete scrap handling and distribution systems for over 30 years. The systems start with our durable hinged steel belt. The 5” pitch hinged belt segments are made of cold-rolled, high strength sheet steel and are always one solid piece over the total effective width of the belt (available in widths up to 72”), eliminating gaps for the material being transferred to potentially get stuck. The “pimpled” belt segments are designed without protruding hinges, making the belt surface flat and smooth which aids in the prevention of fine scrap jamming in between the hinges. The use of our “PS” side-wings on both sides of the belt tighten the complete belt surface, eliminating scrap from penetrating under the belt. Machined side rails cover the top of the hinged belt side-wings, minimizing gaps to tenths of a millimeter. The belt moves on hardened flanged rollers extending the life of the belt chains while the conveyor runner system utilizes hardened steel rollers, making the complete system extremely durable.  The systems utilize an open-frame design with removable side panels simplifying maintenance and service requirements. Several options are available for use in conjunction with the system such as top covers, oil pans, lubrication oilers, emergency cords, balers, weighing systems and brushing systems just to name a few.


Scrap Distribution System   Scrap Conveyor Heavy Duty   Scrap Distribution System   Conveyor Scrap System

Conveyor Scrap System   Conveyor Scrap System   Conveyor Scrap System   Conveyor Scrap System