ChoiceWhen determining conveyor requirements for a new application there are a number of things that should be taken into consideration. What kind of material will you be transferring? What size is the material? At what rate will the material enter the conveyor from the production machine? How much floor space do you have dedicated for the conveyor? These are just a few of the questions that should be asked when choosing the right conveyor for the job.

Often times a customer will say “I’m only buying a conveyor to move material…why are you asking all of these questions?”. There is no such thing as too much information. The more information you have pertaining to the application, the better chance you have at eliminating the possibility for making mistakes concerning the solution. The end result is maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.

Not only should thought be put into conveyors for new applications, but also into replacement conveyors that didn’t quite maximize the potential in existing applications. Maybe improvements were made to the tooling of the machine or a process was eliminated, therefore allowing the possibility to increase the production rate. Or maybe certain aspects simply weren’t taken into consideration during the initial conveyor request. These aspects can be as simple as not having enough height at the conveyor discharge, making it difficult for operators to remove the bin. Always take the extra time to correct any known application problems and maximize your productivity.

Regardless of what you are moving or how you need to move it, Goessling USA, Inc. has a dynamic team of technical specialists who will be happy to assist you by telephone, email, or even an on-site inspection of the application.