Conveyors used in manufacturing are too often treated like the way many of us treat our automobiles. We change the oil and basically drive them until they break down, and only then do we complain about the expense for repair, time lost and simply the inconvenience of it all. We expect them to perform flawlessly without the routine maintenance they require.

Conveyor MaintenanceConveyor maintenance it critical for consistent, dependable day-to-day operation, resulting in fewer repair costs and increased production quantities.

Regularly scheduled maintenance/repairs are normally performed during plant shutdowns, when interference with production can be avoided. Visual inspections however, can be completed anytime by machine operators, maintenance, or assigned inspection personnel.

Things to look for can include foreign materials trapped or hung anywhere near the belt surface, unusual noises that are sometimes hard to detect due to noise levels in the facility, or visual damage that has not been noticed during earlier inspections.

Also remember that areas of the conveyor that are not easily accessible are the areas that are consistently missed during inspections, so make the extra effort to check these areas.

Another part of the conveyor maintenance puzzle is stocking conveyor replacement parts. While the need to stock every part of a conveyors make-up is unnecessary, it would be wise to stock common-wear itemsĀ and items that could potentially stop production due to availability/lead time issues. The cost of buying these parts in advance can definitely outweigh the possibility of a production line shutdown.

Goessling USA, Inc. offers a preventative maintenance program on all of its conveyors to ensure customers receive dependable and consistent conveyor operation. Just remember, it’s much easier
to prevent a problem than it is to fix one.