The inline production of cold-formed parts can be an extremely “oily” (and unpleasant) process. You can minimize this problem and simplify your operations at the same time through the use of a Goessling USA De-Oiling Centrifuge. This is accomplished by utilizing smoothly accelerated start and stop cycles during high-speed centrifugal drum rotation. The force created results in clean, de-oiled parts that are ready for discharging into vibratory bowls, pointers, slotters, threaders, etc…. Oil recovery is achieved through a drain tube located under the centrifuge, which eliminates the handling of oil as a hazardous waste and the hassle of recycling washing solutions from cleaning-washing-machines. For hollow parts or parts with recessed surfaces, a clockwise/counter-clockwise spinning option is available to effectively de-oil hard to reach areas. Four sizes are available with capacities ranging from 10 lbs. to 80 lbs. (depending on the size and quantity of the parts to be de-oiled). Our centrifuges will handle the smallest of electronic screws to the largest of bolts, nuts and other wire-headed parts. For more information on our De-Oiling Centrifuges, contact us by telephone or through our website.