Goessling USA Conveyors Video Gallery

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Goessling Magnetic Conveyors

Goessling magnetic slide conveyors are perfect for use in many industrial applications including cold forming machines, automatic punching machines, punch presses, machining centers, and in-floor conveyance of scrap over long distances to a central scrap disposal center.

Material transferred by these conveyors are steel parts only, such as punched or formed steel parts, scrap, pins, nails, or chips. A continuous system of permanent magnets attracts the steel parts or scrap to the stainless steel slide surface and moves them to the discharge end of the conveyor.

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Goessling Belt Conveyors

Goessling Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are used for transporting metal stampings, stamping scrap, die-cast parts, coin blanks, screws, rivets, nuts and other types of large cold-formed parts. They are built with hinged segments made of cold-rolled, high strength sheet steel and are always one solid piece over the total effective width of the belt, eliminating gaps for the material being transferred to potentially get stuck.

Another key design feature of our hinged belt conveyors is the use of machined side rails in the conveyor feeding section. These side rails cover the top of the hinged belt side-wings to minimize gaps which can normally allow conveyed material to get stuck and possibly jam the conveyor drive motor.

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Goessling Hinged Steel Plate Conveyors

Goessling Hinged Steel Plate Conveyors are built to handle even the roughest working conditions. The extremely durable hinged plates are made of 5/16″ thick steel and the runner system is made of highly wear-resistant hardened manganese steel.

These conveyors are built to transport heavy-weight cold formed fastener parts, heavy cast-iron parts, hot forgings, materials from heat treating applications and all types and sizes. They can also be designed with large infeed hoppers for storage for feeding heavy bulk materials into induction furnaces.

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Goessling Forging Conveyors

Goessling Forging Conveyors are commonly used in industrial applications for chemical and corrosive installations, forging and heat-treatment facilities, including cooling, washing,wetting, soaking, immersing, quenching, and drying of cold drawn standard, stainless, and heat- resistant materials.

We also supply complete systems for use with wire mesh belt furnaces and immersion applications suitable for parts weighting between 1 ounce and 260 lbs.

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Goessling Cooling Conveyors

Goessling Controlled Cooling Conveyors are used in industrial forging applications where hot parts need to be cooled before discharging. By cooling to specific temperatures in designated cooling speed ranges, the forged parts can be heat-treated in a direct cooling line in order to eliminate the annealing procedure.

By controlling the cooling rate, the customer can manipulate the mechanical strength of the parts being transferred. Controlled cooling results in excellent mechanical properties and a fine grained material that does not require any additional tempering.

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Goessling Hopper Loaders

Goessling Hopper Loader conveyors are typically used in applications that require the feeding of parts automatically over extended periods of time by loading parts into the infeed hopper. By utilizing steep inclines a minimal amount of floor space is required by the conveyor. Hopper loaders are excellent options for conveying blanks, bolts, screws, rivets, nuts, pins, nails and other types of fasteners into vibratory feeder bowls, thread rollers, packing machines, etc.

Optional accessories available for these conveyors include but are not limited to: Inspection boxes, oilpans, oil-mist top covers, cleaning brushes and motor starters.

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Goessling Lift/Tip Units

Goessling USA Lifting/Tipping Units are designed for feeding packaging machines, galvanizing and surface treatment systems, melting plants, and more. They are also used for loading parts into vibrating hoppers, vibrating bowls and accumulation conveyors.

Our lift/tip units initially lift a customer’s bin vertically to the required height before the bin is tipped at a tipping angle of almost 170° insuring the complete emptying of parts within the bin. Specially designed clamping devices securely hold the bin in place during the lifting and tipping process, and can be adapted to various size bins.

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Goessling Vibratory Feeders

Goessling Vibratory Feeders are used to store material and then meter it uniformly to further processing. They are very effective at disentangling interlocked materials such as nails, screws, pins and many other types of materials while evenly controlling the flow of the material at the same time. This is achieved through controlled vibration created by electromagnetic drives, which require little to no maintenance at all.

A wide range of different sizes and capacities are available, to handle processes ranging from inspection machines to packaging machines to stamping/furnace applications.

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