Drive Automotive Industries of America, Inc. in Piedmont, South Carolina, a Cosma/Magna plant with over a million square feet of floor space, was recently profiled in MetalForming Magazine.


The newest Goessling conveyor installed at the Drive Automotive plant. (Courtesy of MetalForming Magazine)

Drive Automotive has been a Goessling customer for over 20 years. In fact, the focus of the article was about their new Goessling conveyor lines. Drive project manager Frank Dressler told MetalForming that a big reason for their success was the decision to switch to Goessling steel belt conveyors when looking to replace their old rubber-belt conveyors.

“We originally tried rubber-belt conveyors,” Dressler told MF author Brad Kuvin. “However, the belts deteriorated prematurely from the sharp scrap. The switch to steel belts eliminated that concern.”

Drive Automotive’s new Goessling scrap conveyor joins 42 other conveyor lines already in the facility that the company has been using for nearly 20 years of continuous use. “We just replaced one of the oldest belts in the plant, installed in 1997, after 19 years of practically 24/7 operation,” Dressler told MF.

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