Goessling Hopper Loader Conveyors are typically used in applications that require the feeding of parts automatically over extended periods of time, which is accomplished by loading mass quantities of parts into the infeed hopper. By utilizing steep inclines (up to 80 degrees) a minimal amount of floor space is required by the conveyor.

For applications where only ferrous metals are being transferred, a magnetic slide Hopper Loader is an excellent choice. For transferring non-ferrous metals, a hinged-steel belt design is available. Hopper loaders are an excellent option for conveying blanks, bolts, screws, rivets, nuts, pins, nails and other types of fasteners into vibratory feeder bowls, thread rollers, packing machines, etc.

Optional accessories available for these conveyors include but are not limited to: Inspection boxes, oil-pans, oil-mist top covers, cleaning brushes and motor starters.


Goessling-Hopper Loader