Goessling USA, a long time supplier of conveying equipment, now has low-profile conveyor belts available for stamping die applications where space is extremely limited.

Smallest Frame Height Conveyors

Commonly referred to as “Stampboys”, these hinged belt conveyors incorporate the smallest effective frame height in the industry. It’s 2″ frame height allows for the conveyor to fit into very narrow stamping dies for discharging slugs, scrap, or small parts. The pimpled belt surface reduces the sticking of oily materials on the belt surface while running side-wings on both sides of the belt hinder scrap from penetrating under the belt into the conveyor frame. In the past, these applications typically used rubber or plastic belts, which often required periodic replacement belts due to tears or cuts forming in the material, creating production downtime.

Available as a Magnetic Conveyor

Low-profile conveyors are also available in a magnetic sliding configuration. Material transferred by magnetic sliding conveyors are steel parts only, such as small steel parts, scrap, pins, chips, etc. A continuous system of permanent magnets attracts the steel parts (or scrap) to the stainless steel slide surface, moving them to the discharge end of the conveyor. The stainless steel slide surface is also available with a textured surface to prevent flat parts from sticking to it. For highly abrasive materials, it can be supplied out of manganese steel. All moving parts of the conveyor are lubricated for life and hermetically sealed within the conveyor frame. By using different size magnets, even large strips of metal can be conveyed without problems.