Years ago, magnetic slide conveyors were primarily used in milling and machining applications to remove metal chips from coolant that the equipment used to ease cutting of the metal and to extend tooling life.

However, as time went on everyone began to realize that with the appropriate strength magnet in conjunction with the correct magnet spacing and motor speed that these conveyors could transfer much more than just metal shavings.

Today, magnetic slide conveyors are used to move a large assortment of materials, from transferring fasteners like nuts, bolts, washers, springs and clips to removing scrap from stamping presses, as long as the material to be transferred is ferrous metal.

The size of materials that these conveyors can transfer range from the absolute smallest of fasteners or scrap to parts weighing up to 7 lbs. per part.

Goessling magnetic slide conveyors utilize a completely sealed frame, which is virtually maintenance-free. The internal runner system is composed of a wear resistant, oil-impregnated plastic with milled chain runners that guide the belt throughout the length of the conveyor. The conveyor belt is comprised of high strength permanent magnets, which are spaced appropriately (according to what is being transferred) between running hollow bolt chains on each side of the conveyor. The return shaft of the conveyor acts as a tensioning device due to a spring loaded mechanism that works in conjunction with the return shaft, therefore no tensioning of the belt is required.

The end result is a conveyor that supplies 100% transference of ferrous material without any required maintenance and no possibility of belt damage due to jamming of the material being transferred.

If you have an application where ferrous material needs to be moved and this design sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate to contact Goessling USA, Inc. as we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.