Lift-Tip Units

Mechanical / Hydraulic Dumpers

Goessling mechanical/hydraulic dumpers are used for continuous lifting and tipping of bins and containers of all sizes, which are used to supply large bulk quantities of parts to punch presses, feeder bowls, vibratory trays, etc. Their capacities can range from 110 lbs. up to 6,000 lbs. depending upon the weight of the container and parts combined. On our hydraulic tipping units, 2 high-pressure hydraulic cylinders tip the cradle up to 130 degrees. The drive units consist of a compact hydraulic pump/tank system housed in a full metal enclosure for durability. Through the use of push-buttons located on the control panel, the incline angle can be controlled progressively (foot operation also available). Upon request, we can deliver moveable units mounted on heavy-duty casters, which include double foot stops.




Tipping Unit



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