Roundtable Distributors

Roundtable Distributor for Ghost-Shifting

Goessling roundtable distributors for ghost-shifting collect and store parts discharging from headers, threaders, tappers, and other types of equipment which form mass produced parts when no operator is present. The continuously produced mass parts are automatically distributed into each bin, where inspections can be completed on parts located in each bin for possible defects. The bins are time or process controlled, moving in a clockwise rotation when a bin is filled to allow an empty one to take its place. Rotation of the bins is controlled by using electronic sensors. An oil pan is located under the table to collect any oil draining from the discharged parts. The bins are supported by ball bearing tipping mechanisms counter-balanced to make manual tipping of the bins to remove the parts practically effortless. The size and number of bins is dependent on production rate and demand.




Roundtable Distributor



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